What is Drambo

Thank you for choosing Drambo, the modular groovebox and audio processing environment!

Drambo is what you want it to be: A music creation studio, modular playground, sequencer, synthesizer, sampler or audio processor. It supports all iOS devices, screen orientations and forms.

As a groovebox, Drambo is a self-contained digital instrument for the production of live-, synth and sample-based music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation. Other terms like "sequencer" and "drum machine" describe Drambo perfectly as well. If you worked with other grooveboxes you will find Drambo's interface quite familiar. It features pads, a steps editor and performance controls. What makes Drambo unique on this field is:

  • An easy to use clip launcher / song arranger.
  • A powerful, yet easy-to-use, polyphonic step sequencer. Each step may hold different data, called step components: Musical notes, parameter locks (different parameter values for individual steps), sequencer actions (like jump to a different step instead of the next one) or conditions that make other step components behave according to a selectable set of rules. Each sequence may be edited in step sequencer or piano roll.
  • Modulations: parameter locks, automation, morphs, instant midi mapping.

This part of Drambo controls and sequences its heart: A modular environment. 

What distinguishes Drambo from other modular systems?

  • Drambo doesn't use cables but rather color coding and a dynamic user interface.
  • Drambo connects modules automatically whenever possible
  • Directional flow. Signals flow from left to right and from top to bottom. This helps keeping structure readable.
  • Its stereo and polyphonic by default. 
  • Modules may house other modules. This keeps complexity under control. 
  • You can organize your patches in custom racks, e.g. Instrument rack and store as a preset. 


When you start your own experiments, keep your ears safe and make sure device volume level is not too high. Its a modular environment and everything is possible, including enormous signal spikes.