Something that you've probably never heard before

Combustor is a unique, wild resonating body fashioned to spice up or extremely transform your tracks. At the heart of Combustor is a custom time bending resonator that doesn't sound like anything you have heard before.

You can create anything from vibrant, distorted texture, perfectly suited for "hardcore" electronic musicians, to subtle physical resonance, which is often lacking in synthesized sounds.

Combustor contains an envelope follower, to create dynamic-controlled pitch or filter sweeps. It also has MIDI input, that controls resonator's pitch, to make something melodic and organic out of non-melodic sounds, like drums.

With just a few knob turns, a boring sound can be turned into screaming madness that sounds like it went out of control.

A simple and straightforward interface makes Combustor a performative tool that allows you to directly interact with your sound.