Raw analog, that cuts through the mix

Dagger is a compact and powerful analog modeling paraphonic synth with a big, raw analog sound.

Thanks to advanced analog circuit modelling engine and meticulous attention to details, Dagger rivals the sound of the best desktop-class synthesizers.

Dagger's user interface is simple, fast and intuitive, but it's possibilites will surprise you. You cannot get more for the money.


  • Advanced circuit modeling engine with 8x filters oversampling.
  • Monophonic and paraphonic mode (4 oscillator sections).
  • 2 rich oscillators with wave shape morphing and hard-sync.
  • "Spice" mode to simulate faulty components.
  • "Japanese style" naughty 12db high pass filter.
  • 4 low pass filter models: Steiner parker, 2x transistor ladder and 1 diode ladder.
  • Amplifier with warm diode clipper.
  • Multi-mode modulator (LFO, Decay envelope, VCO).
  • ADSR envelope generator.
  • Modulation targets: oscillator waveform, pitch, phase, amplifier, filter cutoff.


iPad/iPhone with iOS14, Mac with M1 or later, DAW with AUv3 support
Concept, development, UI design: Jaroslaw Jacek (BeepStreet 2023)

Special thanks to people, who spent many hours on testing Dagger and inspiring me:
RS2000, Samu, Lala