Turn your synth into a singing robot

DerVoco is a vintage vocoder emulation. DerVoco uses analog modelled components including filters, envelope followers and companders to create a warm vintage sound instead of digital techniques like FFT.


  • AUv3 Audio Effect and Audio Music Effect, works in all AUv3 compatible hosts.
  • Internal polyphonic VCO may be used as a carrier and can be controlled via MIDI, when plugin is loaded as AU MFx.
  • In special "input mode" carrier and modulator signals are mixed in left and right channels of stereo input signal. This way any synth plugin (e.g. Zeeon) may be used as a carrier signal.
  • 11 or 15 bands with onscreen equalizer.
  • Controllable filter resonance makes the sound smooth or sharp and ringing.
  • Built in compressor and noise gate.
  • Optimised to the limits: 60 filters take 4% CPU on latest iPads.


64-bit iPad or iPhone is required.


Concept, development, UI design: Jaroslaw Jacek (BeepStreet 2018)

Audio demos

Internal synth - a singing robot

Internal synth - a drum loop


DerVoco user guide