Radio player app and AUv3 with song recognizer

Radio Unit is an Internet radio player app, that includes Audio Unit plugin extension (AUv3).

Radio Unit can be used inside of an AU host in conjunction with 3rd party audio processing plugins (not included) to enhance and clean up streaming audio in real time, providing an improved listening experience.


  • Standalone and AUv3
  • Tap to identify the currently playing song!
  • Simple and effective interface
  • The library of 35000 radio stations is available. Search by name or browse by tag or location, save to favourites. Results are sorted by station popularity
  • Seamless integration with Drambo, GarageBand and other AU hosts
  • Ability to load multiple plugin instances
  • Battery friendly


64-bit iPad or iPhone is required.


Concept, development, UI design: Jaroslaw Jacek (BeepStreet 2018)